10-Day Gut Reset FREE Challenge  (March 13th, 2023)  

Join the 10-day challenge to Empower Your Gut and Set Yourself up for Optimal Health and Well-Being in the coming year and beyond.

It's a common idea to embark on a challenge at the start of the year, as part of a New Year's resolution. And you may have done it already! 

As the new year rolls around, individuals tend to overhaul their health routines by embracing diets such as paleo, keto, Whole30, or monitoring their calorie or macro intake, with the aim of enhancing their well-being.

However, these diets often ignore what is truly important: YOUR GUT.

That's where the 10-Day Gut Reset steps in, focusing on the foundation of our health - the gut microbiome.

It’s a science-backed, evidence-based approach to optimal health. I have designed this gut reset to get you on the path to optimal gut health and manage your body symptoms. 

Do you ever feel that no matter how much you focus on "clean eating" your body just doesn't respond the way you'd like it to? It's likely your "internal machinery" is not functioning properly.  

As Hippocrates said, ‘All disease starts in the gut’.
Our gut is the first line of defense against pathogens and it houses our gut microbes (microbiome).  Toxins in our food and environment are having a negative impact on the bacteria in our gut.

This has resulted in many of us having Leaky Gut Syndrome where permeations in our gut allow unwanted toxins to leak into the bloodstream, circulate systemically and start causing symptoms.
Poor gut health is not only related to constipation and bloating; it’s also been linked to malnutrition, anxiety, and even mood disorders.

 This challenge is for YOU if at least ONE of 
these symptoms in on your list

If you have any of the above symptoms and feel something is off, it is a sign that your gut needs a reset.
 It helps optimizing gut health by eliminating any opportunistic microbes (bacteria, fungus, yeast, virus) overgrowth. 
Think about your gut and microbiota as an ecosystem just as complex as a rainforest. The health of the environment (your body) dictates the health of the ecosystem. By providing the gut bacteria the healthiest environment, we'll allow the healthiest bacteria to grow, decrease the opportunistic microbes and start reversing some of the symptoms mentioned above.

This is the first step for getting an optimal Gut Microbiome and start reaching optimal health. 




All of the resources and information that I will teach you are all science-based research.

With the 10-Day Gut Reset Challenge you’ll:
  •  Eliminate opportunistic gut microbes
  • ​Start decreasing gut inflammation
  • ​​Better digestion
  • ​Eliminate bloating and other gastrointestinal distress symptoms
  • ​Increase energy and mental clarity
  • ​Eliminate cravings
  • ​More restful sleep

Daily Video Trainings 

Support and Accountability. During 10 Days Elena guides you and supports you during the gut cleanse with a daily trainings and Q&A. Everything you need to know step by step to be successful during the gut reset.  

10-Day Meal Plan  

Food that is nourishing and restorative. Breakfast, lunch and dinner plan and recipes for each day of the gut reset (vegan and non-vegan meal plan)

Protocols and Recommendations

Step by step 10-Day cleanse worksheet. Recommendation for daily supplements and other tools to reset gut microbes

Members Portal

Your member portal will contain all the daily training videos and Q&A, worksheets, and other resources! 

Community Support

You'll be able to access a private community  where every member of the community will motivate and build one another up while working through the daily lessons. I’ll be in there too, to cheer you on and answer questions!

Gut Reset Lifetime Access

With unlimited access, you can take the challenge any time you want. Whether you want to reset your gut, hold yourself accountable to your habits, refresh yourself on the lessons, or just miss having a daily plan — all you need to do is sign in and get started! 
You will have access to a private member portal which will contain all the resources!

Lifetime Access  

With unlimited access, you can take the challenge any time you want. Whether you want to reset your gut, hold yourself accountable to your habits, refresh yourself on the lessons, or just miss having a daily plan — all you need to do is sign in and get started! Even if you're unable to start the challenge on March 13, enroll now for lifetime access and to begin whenever you're ready.

Get access to the following gifts when you join the cleanse
10-Day Gut Reset- Workbook
Food, mood and symptoms daily journal
  • Create your intentions or goals for the cleanse. Take the time to journal so you can become clear about what you want from this 10 days and for yourself 
  • Track Your Progress and Journey
Ketorranean® Diet Solution eBook
Elena Maganto's International and National Bestseller
  • The Ketorranean Lifestyle gives you the guidelines to go deeper in a low carb /anti-inflammatory lifestyle
  • Learn: How to Balance Your Hormones, How to Heal Your Gut, How to Eliminate Inflammation and Related Disorders, How to Balance Blood Sugar, How to Boost Energy and Increase Longevity, How to Shift the Body to Efficiently Burn Fat as an Energy Source
Ketorranean® Sweets & Treats eBook
Elena Maganto's International and National Bestseller 
  • The Ketorranean sweets and treats in this book will help you burn fat, maintain a healthy weight, put a stop to cravings, and decrease inflammation. Most importantly, they will not sabotage your gut or your body but instead help in the process of healing. 
  • 76 low-carb, anti-inflammatory and simple sweets recipes that show you that eating healthy is can be also delicious and fun.
Low FODMAP/Low Histamine Food List
There are many times that we eat clean sticking to the whole foods and still we don't feel good. If the gut microbes are fermenting the food and/or releasing histamine, then we have to adjust the diet for 1-3 months to a low FODMAP/Low histamine plan.
  • Learn the ingredients that you can eat on a Low FODMAP and Low Histamine approach to make your life easier.
  • Focus on what you can eat, not on what you can't, so you will feel happier with any dietary change.
Progressive Muscle Relaxation Video Training
Learn in just a few minutes how to do progressive muscle relaxation at home.
  • Poor sleep or experiencing high levels of stress can reduce the essential diversity of your gut bacteria. Specifically, good bacteria. This type of deficiency can cause digestive irregularities
  • Progressive muscle relaxation helps you release physical tension, which may ease stress and anxiety. Research has shown that PMR can also help with pain relief, better sleep and can help soothe an upset stomach
Special BONUS!

20% DISCOUNT in your future purchase of any program to work with Elena.   

     "I had the good fortune of doing the Gut cleanse for the first time in the summer of 2020 with Elena. I had been experiencing some burning and acidic feelings in my stomach and also had always experienced mild constipation. It was the height of the pandemic and the stay at home orders so I had nothing to lose!
     After the first week I began to really feel good. I had more energy, regular bathroom visits and no more pain. The best part was that I could actually see puffy (inflamed) areas of my body visibly deflate! And I was losing weight. This was the best experiment I have ever done on my own body. It really proved to me the impact that food has on our bodies and the results that you can achieve by changing your diet. Much better than you can ever achieve with exercise alone.
   What really made this special though is the attention and feedback from Elena. She has daily videos to support and educate you and answers your questions. The videos motivated me to keep going even when it felt really hard. 
Elena is incredibly knowledgeable and generous with her time and information. 
    I cannot recommend Elena enough! If you have health issues or just want to feel better, try this cleanse!"


10-Day Gut Reset


''Elena has blended her passion for cooking and professional knowledge to combine the best of the ketogenic diet and Mediterranean eating in one groundbreaking plan. Elena is the first to combine those nutrient-rich choices to create a scrumptious, detoxifying diet that can help you crush your cravings, improve your gut health, and balance your hormones. This is for you."             

"'Dr. Maganto has put together a fantastic array of information designed to help people understand the connection between chronic inflammation, diet, and disease..."

'"Elena's Ketorranean solution is an excellent resource for addressing inflammatory issues as well as optimizing lifestyle."                                                               

10-Day Gut Reset Challenge
Elena Maganto, PhD, AADP, Nutrition Coach
Elena Maganto is a PhD and Functional Medicine Practitioner. She holds a PhD in Molecular Biology and postdoctoral training at Harvard University Medical School. As a research scientist, she dedicated herself to the study of inflammatory diseases. Her work has been published in a variety of scientific journal.

As a child, Elena suffered numerous digestive disorders and weight loss resistance. Her inspiration for change was her mother, who suffered from fibromyalgia but healed using Food As Medicine. It opened Elena's eyes to the way she wanted to help others. Her professional experience in Health Science help her heal her gut and now works with other people who struggle with disorders related to gut distress and inflammation, all using Food As Medicine. She believes that nutrition and science can work together to reduce the risk of disease.

Elena is the National and International best-selling author of two books Ketorranean® Diet Solution and Ketorranean® Sweets & Treats.

You have Q’s. I have A’s.

 Is Gut Reset Challenge a 10-day meal plan?

No, Gut Reset Challenge is not a 10-day meal plan, although you will get recipes as part of the challenge as well as a list of Dr. Elena Maganto kitchen staples. Dr. Maganto will offer plenty of guidance on what food best supports your gut, but there's more to a healthy gut than the food we eat! It is all science-base information.

 Is this a 10-day dietary protocol that will conflict with my condition?

The Gut Reset Challenge is NOT a 10-day dietary protocol. It's a 10-day program for leveling up your microbiome using various methods, including recipes that are flexible, accessible, and easily substituted based on your dietary preferences.

 How much does the challenge cost?

This is a free challenge. It is $0 to join.  The only additional costs will be for ingredients to recipes you choose to make and supplements recommended during the cleanse.

 How will I access the challenge lessons? 

Daily Q&A/trainings will be hosted in the private facebook group and with zoom, so you can connect from your phone, tablet or computer. Recordings will be available during the cleanse.
Every day you will receive an email with the information to join.

 Is the Gut Reset Challenge only for people that are unhealthy or new to developing healthy habits? 

No way! This is for every person that wants to feel good, eat well, and learn more about how the gut influences the health of every bodily system. This is not just a Gut Reset, it is a Body Reset.

 How long will each daily training take? 

The daily Q&A/Training length will vary depending on the complexity of the topic, but being able to commit at least 30 minutes a day. 
This is not counting the cooking time to prep your meal.

 When I will get the training information? 

You will get a daily email to remind you how to take your supplements that day and the link to connect to the zoom call. Then, the zoom recording will be added within 24 hours to the private platform.

 How long will I have access to the 10-Day Gut Reset Content? 

When you join the challenge for free, you will have access to meal plan, protocol and bonuses. Recordings of the daily LIVE trainings will be available during the cleanse.
If you decide to get a VIP access for $97, then you get unlimited on-demand access to the training and accompanying assets in a private portal. However, it’s important to remember that health information can change as researchers learn more over time. Therefore, the information you learn in the 10-Day Gut Reset Challenge has the potential to change alongside new scientific evidence.

 Will  Elena be giving me personalized medical advice or be my doctor as part of 
      doing the course? 

This content is provided as education and does not replace the need for having a local healthcare provider to support you and provide personalized medical advice. Dr. Elena Maganto will not be giving personalized medical advice and purchasing Gut Reset Challenge does not make her your doctor in any form. Her goal is to empower you with the proper education so that you can accomplish your health goals.
If you want to work 1 on 1 with Elena to get personalized advice, you can book a consultation here.

Keep in mind this challenge is not a replacement for medical care. Always speak and schedule a 1on 1 with a health care professional about serious symptoms, such as blood when you have a bowel movement, severe abdominal pain, or ongoing vomiting or diarrhea.
During this cleanse, some detox symptoms can occur, but if you feel any pain or discomfort, stop and seek medical advice.
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